Body Shaming : The Body Image Of The Body

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You do not care about random strangers or acquaintances health. If you did, you would remind them to go to the doctor or to take their vitamin every day. You cannot always tell somebody’s health just by looking at them. Even if someone is clearly overweight, they could have a condition. If someone is skinny, they could still have a condition as well. Our society thinks that we must be just one body type. If you are overweight, people automatically think that you do not take care of yourself. When you are skinny, you are told you never eat. No matter what size we are, weather we can control it or not, society will continue to body shame women. Two company’s ads, that were posted across the united states, were victims of body shaming. Victoria Secret’s and Dove both subvert the body image of women and what “type” of body you should have. Growing up as a small child, what you look like is not always on your mind. As you grow older you start to pay attention to your weight and start to compare yourself to other body types. In Victoria’s Secret’s ad, that features the 2014 Angels in bras and underwear, takes body shaming to a different level. The ad was designed to promote a new push-up bra called "Body," highlighted a set of models using the slogan "The Perfect 'Body.'" Is this a problem? Yes, because all the women look almost the exact same; tall, thin, with long hair, and fair clear skin. Society does not acknowledge that women are naturally made in a variety of heights,
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