Body Size Analysis

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I never noticed how much body size affected how I interact with people. I felt that before this, I had a wide range of friends and interacted with many people. But this turned out to be the opposite. As I am currently very healthy and active, I found my self straying away from people who were less healthy in ther appearance. Not only in school was this true, but throughout my day I found that I seemed to judge people in my head before interacting with them. By judging these people before talking to them, it destroyed any realtionship I may have made with them. Although I did find it was different in TV. I felt that the people who were over weight on TV were more pleasant and commonly the funniest character of the show. The most judgemental I got was seeing an obese mother or…show more content…
I feel that the kids are helpless and later on will realize the mistakes that thier parents made. Even worse, the kids may never realize their diet as a mistake and will continue on consuming the same diet until they have kids. That creates a vicious cycle of unhealthy eating and most likely some heredetary health problems. As someone who goes to the gym regularly and get plenty of excercise, I find that people with the same interests as attractive. Someone who is healthy to me would not only look it physically, but if I saw them in the store they would be making healthy decisions aswell. I think most of these thoughts come from my childhood. From an early age my family would spoil me with food. At the dinner table they would want me to eat whats left, at a resturaunt they would get me whatever I wanted. This was great until I grew up a bit and others began to judge me for my size. Around 6th - 7th grade I got to almost 190 pounds. I was not bullied, but little jokes or comments about my weight would come up more
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