Body Weight Demographic Research

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A person’s way is not a good indicator of health because it will not take into account muscle mass or water weight. Body composition breaks down a person’s weight into section, such as lean muscle tissue, bone density, water weight, and body fat percentage. By knowing body composition and body fat percentage we are able to assess our overall health, identify health risks, and tailor workouts to fit a person’s individual needs. Body fat percentage, if too high or too low, can cause serious health risks. It is important to know one’s body fat percentage in order to avoid or eliminate those risks.
Many people know that there are health risks involved with having a high body fat percentage, but there are also risks when it comes to having
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Both of the websites measured me at having the exact same body fat percentage, whereas, with the skinfold test, I had three percent lower in my body fat than the websites estimated. The two websites were similar in the sense that they based percentage of body fat solely on measurements. The first websites used measurements from the major areas of the body, like waist and hips. The second website used measurements from not only the major areas of the body, but also smaller areas, such as forearm and thigh. Both websites also took into account weight and height. I wouldn’t say one was more accurate than the other, simply because they both estimated the exact same percentage of body fat. Although these websites are a free and easy way to estimate body fat percentage, they are not going to be super accurate because they do not take into account muscle, water weight, or bloating. All three of these things can make your measurements larger, which can raise your estimated body fat percentage that is calculated on these…show more content…
I had the three-site measurement done. The three sites that were measured were the triceps, the thigh, and the supra-iliac. This form of testing body fat percentage is different from the other two, in that it did not take into account weight, height, or body measurements. Although this form of testing is more accurate than the websites, it is still not the most accurate way of testing body composition or body fat percentage. Skinfold tests only measure subcutaneous fat, which is the fat that is right under the skin. This type of fat is not the most hazardous, as it does not surround the organs. Because skinfold tests only measure this form of fat, there is no way of really knowing what health risks may be involved with a person’s percentage of body fat. Also, if someone has extra skin from having significant weight loss, it would throw off the percentage of body fat measured by a skinfold caliper.
I would say that the skinfold test would be better than the two websites when it comes to measuring body fat percentage. Muscle mass, bloating, and water weight doesn’t hinder the measuring of body fat with a skinfold test like it would with basing body fat off of body measurements. A person’s measurements cannot accurately calculate their percentage of body fat. For that reason, the skinfold test is better than the two
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