Body Worn Cameras For Police Officers

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There has surfaced in America today a problem that surprises many people, dishonesty. Many people cannot be trusted to tell the authorities of their activities, and they lie in court under oath. This has become a serious problem, and our police force has found a unique way to stop it. Body worn cameras for police officers on duty are that proposed solution. This technology makes it easier to determine what happened in a particular situation. Body worn police cameras help people to be more honest, have better behavior patterns, as well as keeping the officers who wear them accountable. There are many advantages to body-worn cameras. They can help in a decisive court case where it is cloudy as to who did what and when. This is an excellent way to get evidence for court juries. They can also be used to improve upon a person behavior patterns in general and in their dealings with the police officers in which they come into contact. “Body-worn cameras have a civilizing effect, resulting in improved behavior among both police officers and citizens. Several of the empirical studies have documented substantial decreases in citizen complaints … as well as in use of force by police… and assaults on officers. There is also anecdotal support for a civilizing effect reported elsewhere …” (White) This example is an excellent one by White, but as he concedes later on, further research is critical to the advancement of this technology. They can also help the officers to behave as they will
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