Bodybuilding And The Subculture Of Bodybuilding

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Introduction Bodybuilding is the process that involves development of muscle fibers which is facilitated through special exercises, increased diet (calorie) as well as having the recommended amount of rest. I believe that in the current century bodybuilders have formed subcultures that are very unique in the sense that they have their own values, beliefs as well as traditions that are enshrined within their cultural provisions. Description of the Subculture This paper is basically going to look into the subculture of bodybuilding. The field site will be the local gym where those who are involved in bodybuilding do train. In most cases, I do interact with the trainees at the local gym and therefore this is indeed a strategic fit for my research as the environment presumably is friendly. Consequently, these are people who I have interacted with before and as such they are very friendly. This would really provide me with an ample time so that I could undertake my research in the best possible way. It is important for us to understand the subculture that we are to cover. By bodybuilding, I mean the drive that individuals have so as to maintain the perfect physique as well as ensuring that they have low fat levels in their bodies. It is true that all that is involved in bodybuilding is hardcore. Most people often enroll for the bodybuilding so that they could have an appealing physical outlook. Bodybuilding makes the muscles to expand and as such those involved with the

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