Bodybuilding : Strongest Man On Earth

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Sergio Ramirez
Dr. Taylor Joy Mitchell
HU 145HB
20 October 2015
Bodybuilding: Strongest Man on Earth Bodybuilding began to be practiced by the ancient Greek and Egyptian societies in order to gain strength and was seen as a measure of power; Greeks celebrated the human body by building and strengthening their muscles. These societies began building their bodies by moving and carrying different size and weight stones to reach their intended body transformation. Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines bodybuilding as: “A sport involving strenuous physical exercise in order to enlarge the muscles of the body”, making people ask themselves is if bodybuilding is considered a subculture or a sport. Bodybuilding is considered a subculture
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Some of the activities that gave bodybuilding a new look included pulling carts, lifting heavy stones and even animals to get the attention of the public. Bodybuilding became part of the entertainment world thanks to Eugene Sandow, he was the first famous bodybuilder known for his combination of muscle strength and quality. Eugene Sandow became an icon for bodybuilding because he combined both muscle and healthy lifestyle in his physical demonstration. In 1991 the first bodybuilding show took place in Europe, whose developer and promoter was Eugene Sandow. In order to explain what key factors can be used to identify a bodybuilder it is necessary to address what methods are used in the bodybuilding world. There are the natural bodybuilders and the bodybuilders that use drugs to get the gains and goals they want. (Robson, Bodybuilding) Although both muscle-gaining methods pertain to the bodybuilding subculture, drug use is not recommended and is a big factor in the bodybuilding world. To understand both methods in a better way it is important to see facts from an expert`s point of view. David Robson is a bodybuilder and personal trainer who in 2007 made an interview between two bodybuilders (one is Anthony Cantarazo top natural champion and a competitive IFBB professional) in which they were asked key questions so readers could take a glimpse into the bodybuilding world. According to expert David Robson bodybuilders do not need or should use drugs
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