Bodybuilding Subculture : The Bodybuilding Culture

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Marisa McGinnis
Bodybuilding Subculture
1. Which group did you choose? Why did you pick that group?
The group I chose was the bodybuilding culture. I chose that group because some of my family were bodybuilders when they were young, and also because it is an interesting topic to me. As a member of the throws squad in the UC Irvine Track and Field program, we do a lot of lifting and we stay conscious of what we eat. From what I’ve seen in bodybuilding it take that to a larger scale.
2. What is the dominant identity of the group?
The dominant identity of the group would be males who are interested in becoming bigger and stronger, past the point of normal human standards. Although there are women who are bodybuilders, and they have their own Miss Universe and Ms. Olympia for bodybuilding, it is still a male dominated sport (EDinformatics).
3. What is the group’s relationship to the larger society?
The group is easily identifiable in larger society. The very nature of bodybuilding is to stand out from everyone else (Sinicki). That being said, bodybuilders are generally accepted in society, aside from a few strange looks and comments; unless steroids or other banned drugs are used (which increase aggression) they fit peacefully into society (Sinicki).
4. Give a brief history of the group.
The first start of bodybuilding is seen in 11th century India. They had very basic dumbbells and barbells and used them to exercise and become more physically appealing, and by the
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