Boeing 747

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The Boeing 767: From Concept to Production
BSA 523: Operation Management
Professor Henry P. Barnhill
March 6, 2012

The Boeing Commercial Airplane Company was founded in 1916 and was located in Seattle, Washington. Now headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Boeing is the world’s largest and perhaps most well-known aerospace firm. According to their website (, the company operates in three principal segments -commercial airplanes; military aircraft and missiles; and space and communications. The commercial airplane division consists of the 717, 737, 747, 757, 767 and 777 families of jetliners and the Boeing business jet. Boeing faces stiff competition from international aerospace companies seeking to increase market share,
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With regard to the 767, Boeing was able to use parametric cost techniques to formulate an accurate estimate of total assembly hours required, thereby facilitating net present value (NPV) analysis of the project. Besides the above-mentioned tools and methods, Boeing also employed a variety of human resources to plan, schedule and adjust project performance. There were Audit Teams that were composed of seasoned Boeing managers, audit teams investigated every facet of the product development process including finance, manufacturing, technology and management. These teams promoted project development by catching errors early and directly reporting them to upper management for resolution. The Management Visibility System schedules were prominently posted for review, and weekly status meetings were held in which department supervisors notified each other of their needs and potential problems. Supervisors were required to stand up at meetings and explain why they were unable to meet production goals. Managers were then entrusted with clearing all hurdles to achieving those goals. The Production Change Board (PCB) reviewed all engineering-related change requests and assessed their cost and schedule impact. A feasible implementation approach was then developed for each approved request .By resorting to a wide variety of technical and human resource planning and coordination tools and strategies, Boeing was able to tackle the 767 development project
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