Boeing 787 Dreamliner Network Security

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner Network Security Stephen Connolly Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Boeing 787 Dreamliner Network Security In 2008 Boeing had made all sorts of headlines in the media, due to some new technological developments in their newly designed 787 Dreamliner. These headlines that splashed across websites were initially brought about due to a FAA “special conditions” report. This topic of this report first appeared in Flight International, and then a few days later it gathered momentum in a critical follow up from Wired Magazine. According to Wired (2008), the FAA states “Boeing’s new 787 may be vulnerable to hacker attack”. All of this has come about due to the new design features of the 787. Whilst designing…show more content…
Boeing has created numerous methods to stop any chance of a would-be hacker from accessing any of the vital networks for flight controls and navigation. As is clear from the FAA, this whole report was not based on the idea of them necessarily being concerned about the aircraft being hacked, more so about the issue of how the new wiring system will work. References Arthur, C. (2012, May 29). Cyber-Attack Concerns Raised Over Boeing 787 Chip’s Back Door. Retrieved from chip Charette, R. (2008, January 7). FAA To Boeing: Please Show That 787 Dreamliner Can’t Be Hacked. Retrieved from boeing_please_show_that Craft, J. (2008, January 3) FAA Demands Connectivity Security For Boeing 787 Control And Information Networks. Retrieved from connectivity-security-for-boeing-787-control-and-information-220564/ (2008, February 20). How To Hack Into A Boeing 787. Retrieved from Fox2Now. (2012, May 30) Could Terrorist Bring Down Planes By Hacking Them? Retrieved from Gillespie, E. (2008, January 9). Will
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