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Provide a brief overview of the relevant issues and summarize your recommendations.
In early 2003, Boeing announced its plans to develop a new airplane (7E7 & 7E7 Stretch) in a market that was facing a tight squeeze on profits. The decline in the airline industry was attributed in large part to the war in Iraq, international terrorism, and fear of spreading SARS. The development of this new aircraft could possibly bring Boeing out of their innovation slump and potentially give them an advantage in the mid-sized aircraft market.
Since 1994, Boeing had not put a new airplane into production and had failed to follow through on two commercial aircraft programs. The company was in desperate need of an aircraft that would set them apart from
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Boeing had a drop in commercial airplanes delivered from 527 in 2001 to 381 in 2002 and needed this project to keep them in the hunt with Airbus.
The board will also have to consider the decades it may take to recoup the costs of starting this project. Development costs in the airline industry are substantial leading to many years of negative cash flows. The introduction of a new plane is a make-or-break activity for the producers and requires huge financing capabilities. The development costs and per-copy costs were difficult to predict, and Boeing also faced engineering uncertainty with the project. The success of the project depends heavily on Boeing’s ability to keep the production costs low and actually deliver a more efficient aircraft than the competition.
A final consideration that needs to be evaluated is the set up of the Boeing business. It is set up as two separate businesses- the integrated defense systems business and the commercial business. The defense systems group experienced significant revenue growth due to the war and demand from fear of terrorism. As stated previously, the aircraft division is experiencing an uncertain market. Analysts believe that Boeing has significant technology advantages because of the transferability of R&D across the two divisions.

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