Boeing Based On My Real World Job With The Federal Aviation Administration

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For this assignment, my decision to write about Boeing is based on my real-world job with the Federal Aviation Administration and the fact that I process pounds of mail from them on a weekly basis. Company History The story of Boeing started in a Seattle, WA shipyard in March 1910, but the company didn’t get its official start until July 1916. Throughout Boeing’s history, it has been closely associated with military aviation, through its early foray into air mail delivery eventually gave birth to United Airlines in 1934 (A Century in the Sky, 2015). Boeing aircraft and support of allied forces during World War II was a key asset in bringing the war to a close and kept the skies in the Korean War clear. Its aviation knowledge and…show more content…
Finally in 2009, the 787, designed to be the most efficient aircraft ever, made its maiden flight (Commercial Airplanes, 2015). Competitors Speaking strictly about the commercial airliner market, Boeing’s only competitor is Airbus. Setting the stage for the duopoly that was created, Rockwell International sold North American Aviation and Rocketdyne to Boeing in 1996 and McDonnell-Douglas was wholly absorbed in 1997 (The Boeing Company History, 2000). Across the Atlantic, three of the four founding companies that comprised the Airbus consortium (created in 1969) merged together to form the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS). In 2014, EADS was renamed as the Airbus Group, with Airbus (its airline production arm) as a division of the group (Weiss). Innovation and Performance Boeing maintains its competitive advantage and market share through trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets obtained through steady research and development. Even though the protection of intellectual property is important to Boeing, it routinely contacts and licenses out the rights to various properties within its catalog (Jewell, 2014). Its newest aircraft project, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, has more than 1,000 new patents that have the potential to have major impacts on how Boeing builds and designs new aircraft in the years to come. In 2010, Boeing was ranked
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