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Boeing’s management has been concentrating on diversification of the overall company activities. The management has a concept that oversees the diverse employees, business partners and customer relations are important to creation of advanced aerospace services and goods for the diverse customers around the world. It has concentrated on creating good working conditions for its employees through creating an environment that is conducive. The environment refers to a welcoming, engaging and respectful environment with chances for both professional and personal development of the employee.

Through this plan the management has increased productivity, creativity, quality and innovation in the company. Boeing has companywide diversification
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Employees require motivation, reward and encouragement for maximum productivity. Punishment to workers not performing is also mandatory to prevent cases of poor performance. Ethical considerations must be looked at and employees must follow rules and company policies for plans made by management to be successful. Workers and management relate like a family and this has enabled the company perform to its expectation. These plans are aimed at ensuring total customer satisfaction and delight.

Boeing’s management plan shows determination to improve through creation of new more members of their airplane family (commercial airplanes). This would also be achieved through integration of military platforms, systems for defense and the war fighter by use of network-centric activities. Boeing plan is also inclusive of creation of improved technology to solve problems across all business units. Boeing plans to e-enable airplanes where automation is the key to this development. Finally, Boeing is determined to arrange for financing solutions to its customers. Through this it will be able to attract more potential customers. Moreover, it can also be able to establish a better relationship with its customers through provision of incentives and sales promotion.

Boeing seeks to treat all its employees fairly. The company finds it ethical to create the best working conditions for its

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