Boeing Company

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Boeing Company

MGT 330

April 08, 2011

Organizing Paper

One reason why so many organizations succeed and be able to sustain their long-term goals is their effective and efficient organizational ability. The organizing function of management involves the allocation of the company resources. When the management of the organization allocates its resources with strategic planning and execution in mind, the organization can successfully satisfy the requirements of both internal and external stakeholders. On the other hand, when an organization fails to translate and execute the strategic action plans, the results will be irreparable and disappointing to the stakeholders. This paper evaluates and discusses the organizing
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According to the certified annual report of the Boeing Company in 2009, the company revenue increased by $68.3 billion which reflected the solid earnings despite of 2008 labor strike where 57, 000 employees walked out. While the commercial airlines business sector suffered a loss due to the setbacks of the 787 and 747 model airplanes, the defense, space and security business increased its revenue by $8.5 billion (6%). The global and support sector business operation brought in 19% increased revenue. While the revenue of the financing sector in 2009 was down by 5% compared to the 2008, the sector successfully generated pre-tax earnings and returned the cash dividends to the company (Boeing, 2010).
Human resources

Managing human resources or capital in Boeing’s organizing function is a critical management factor. The Boeing Company human resources management organizes its human resources based on the strategic, ethical, legal, and financial values. With the strategically designed human resources management system, Boeing’s human resources managers actively and efficiently conduct their functions that include staffing the organization, developing the workforce, performance appraisal, designing reward system, and managing labor relations (Axia College, 2010). Boeing’s matrix form management places the employees where they can utilize their abilities to be the most functional and productive member of the team
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