Boeing Company : The Largest Aerospace Company On The Globe

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Executive Summary
The Boeing Company
Brittany Randall

Dr. John Yelle
September 24, 2016


The Boeing Company is the largest aerospace company on the globe, currently ranking number 24 on the Fortune 500 listing. (Boeing Fortune 500, 2016). Boeing is the largest manufacturing exporter in the United States and is a leader in the manufacturing of commercial jetliners and defense along with space and security systems. The company works with customers in over 150 countries most of which consist of airlines and allied governments. Boeing has corporate offices in Chicago but employs people across the United States and in over 65 countries. The company employs roughly 160,000 employees which represents a diverse workforce full of innovative and talented individuals. Along with the skilled workers at Boeing, the company is also able to tap into the skilled workforces of their suppliers from around the world. (Boeing General Information, n.d.).

Boeing boosts an extensive product and service listing which includes both commercial and military aircraft, satellites, weapons, electronic systems, defense systems, advanced information and communication systems and performance based logistics and training. Boeing is able to continue to be a leader within their industry as they work to persistently develop their product lines and offer more services to meet their customers growing needs. Boeing consists of two business units, the Commercial Airplane Unit and the…
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