Boeing Legal Impact Analysis Boeing

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To: Head of Legal Analytics Department

From: William Locklier

Date: April 25, 2015

Subject: Boeing Legal Impact Analysis

Boeing: An Overview

Boeing is the largest aerospace company and the largest manufacturer of commercial and military aircraft in the world. Boeing 's military aircraft come equipped with missiles, satellite, launch vehicles and advanced information and communication systems. Boeing is also the number one U.S. exporter when it comes to sales. Boeing 's aircraft are flown each and every day, all across the United States and the world. Because their products are used so heavily, and daily for that matter, product liability is a major concern for Boeing. The fact that their products interact directly with the men and women who fly these planes, and that nearly every flight has an average of 200 or more people on board, these products need to be safe and thoroughly tested. On that note, health and safety is another major area of legal concern for Boeing. If a fatal accident were to occur, wrongful death cases are sure to come up if the manufacturer is found at fault. These cases can cost the company upwards of 100 million dollars in revenue, not to mention the bad publicity that is derived from them as well. One must take into account that the amount of fatal accidents that occur where the manufacturer is at fault is on the decline, with only 20 percent of fatal accidents occurring due to a mechanical failure of some sort, where as pilot error attributes…

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