Boeing Strategic Plan

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MISSION STATEMENT Boeings focus is on the practice of eight core company values Leadership, Integrity, Quality, Customer satisfaction, Employee corp., Diverse and involve team, Good Corporate citizenship and Enhance shareholder value STRATEGIC PLAN Boeing continuously scrutinizes its segments and divisions to ensure alignment with the company vision TEN STRATEGY OM DECISIONS GOODS AND SERVICE DESIGN: Boeing is the world's largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defense, space and security systems. Boeing products & services include commercial and military. Boeing product line is shaped by two principles: Building the right airplane: Understanding how airplane operators use airplanes to earn…show more content…
Because the industry is always evolving, Boeing value and encourage lifelong learning. Boeing offer a verity of HR programs such as: Tuition reimbursement program On- and off-site learning programs Learning Together Program: Provides employees with an industry-leading education and tuition assistance program Learning Centers: Webcasts, online courses and multimedia resources On-the-Job and Familiarization Training SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Boeing Supply Chain Model Supplier Management Inbound ( Assembly ( Product Support Outbound Manage Strategic Suppliers who manage more of the supply chain so Boeing can assemble not manufacture Have a limited number of suppliers (13,000) so Boeing could focus on leverage spending, Focus on partnership, motivate performance and delivery reliability thru all its suppliers around the world. The objective is to improve aircraft availability and reduce costs according to customer preferences. INVENTORY AND MAINTENANCE Boeing is involved in many different sectors of the Airspace manufacturing 1. Delivering commercial airplanes 2. Military Aircraft 3. Network and Space Systems Boeing use a system called Integrated Management System where it has various contracts with different suppliers such as Honeywell Aerospace and UFC Aerospace. This allows reducing in maintenance-related costs of airlines significantly. These companies provide maintenance and spare parts. The inventory

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