Boeing : The Airplane Company

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The Boeing Airplane Company, one of the original names in commercial aviation was established in 1917 by William Boeing. Taking advantage of the wright brothers first manned flight and the subsequent popularity of flying William Boeing saw an opportunity to design practical uses for aviation. From World War I, through World War II, and every other armed conflict the U.S. Military has been involved with Boeing has played an integral role in developing and fielding state of the art aircraft and satellite technologies to enable our armed forces to succeed. For the civilian sector they have built passenger carrying planes from the 707 which after its debut in 1957 travel by air exceeded travel by rail and sea for the first time, to their newest flagship 787 Dreamliner which provides more cabin space and 20% less fuel consumption than comparably sized planes (A Century in the Sky, 2016).
Boeing has 1 major competitor and 1 emerging threat, Airbus and Aviation Industry
Corporation of China (AVIC) respectively. Airbus is a multinational company who quickly established themselves as competitors in the commercial aviation industry by eclipsing both
Lockheed Martin and Mcdonnel Douglas and starting a fierce rivalry with Boeing that has seen the two aviation giants trade places as the number one in the aviation/aerospace industry. AVIC is a Chinese state operated aerospace company that has established a healthy market share of the commercial aviation industry and has established a…
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