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The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) was founded July 15th, 1916. Boeing is one of the world’s largest producers of aircraft and aerospace systems, producing both commercial jets and defense, as well as space and security systems. Boeing’s operations are extensive and widespread, and can be located throughout more than 150 countries around the world.
Boeing’s products are highly diversified and cater to all sectors within the aviation industry. Some of Boeing’s original products were the result of contracts with the Navy, and bombers that were in use during World War II. Current products span a wide variety of commercial, defense and space products. Some of the most well-known commercial airplanes Boeing produces are the 747 and the 737 jetliners. Both of these production lines are over 40 years old and contribute to significant portions of annual revenues. Boeing also manufactures many different defense aircraft, including helicopters, airplanes, and weapons systems. Occasionally, Boeing will create parts for spacecraft, but its main work in space-related products are its satellite systems and global positioning systems. Boeing has been involved in space-related technologies since 1995.

Boeing’s position as a mature, well-established, and financially stable firm provides it with many competitive advantages. First and foremost, Boeing has been manufacturing airplanes for one hundred years, contributing to significant brand recognition and loyalty within the customer base.…

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