Boeing Versus Boeing : Clash Of Industry Giants

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Boeing versus Airbus: Clash of Industry Giants
The applied science of flight can trace it roots back to the Montgolfier balloon in 1783. The birth of aviation, a lighter – than – air balloon, took the European continent by storm. France, Germany and the English had had their own experimental variations in this new methodology of travel. Each experiment slightly different, experiments in controlling flight through paddles, fabrics, heating sources. This eventually evolved into delivery of mail, parachuting and eventually gliders. Europe, officially first in manned flight, lead the world in aviation.
Controlled, powered flight, a dream that was given life on that sandy dune in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, 1903. American inventors, brothers from Ohio, had unlocked the secrets to give man his artificial wings to sustain flight over terra firma. The theories of wing warping had proven true. Technological advancements in metallurgy and combustion engines, gave the Wright Brothers enough thrust to overcome drag and defy gravity, a historical first.
The world becomes immersed in two world wars, out of necessity and air superiority; raise numerous advancements in aircraft technology. Technological advancements subsidized through government and public entities to fight tyranny abroad, or in some cases, on their own soil. The developments in air power gave rise to numerous manufacturers with the industry; post war industry gave way to mergers and takeovers.
The 1950’s gave…
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