Boeing 's Principles Of Corporate Governance And Its Current Business Practices

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Boeing is the biggest aerospace firm in the world that leads in the production of security and space system, commercial jetliners and defense. The company is among the major US exports, it produces several products used within the US, and others are exported to countries that are allied to the US. Among the products and services, that Boeing offers to its clients include weapons, electronic defense systems, launch systems, communication systems, military aircraft, commercial aircraft, and launch systems, among others.
Boeing Company is run by corporate officers, managers, and the employees, all who are under the chief executive officer. More so, there exists a board of directors who main responsible is to review that firm’s principles of corporate governance and its current business practices. The major role of the corporate officers and the board of directors to ensure that the long term goals of Boeing are realized along with responding to the distress among the major stakeholders who mainly include the clients, shareholders, suppliers, public officials, employees, and the local communities. More so, the board uses a code of ethical business conduct that guides the business managers and other employees on ways of running the firm in an ethical way, and mechanisms to reports cases of unethical practices; through the Boeing is able maintain and sustain a culture characterized by accountability and honesty.
Boeing is a global brand name and by the end of 2014, the company…
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