Boeing 's Target Market : Commercial Airplanes And Defense, Space, And Security Essay

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Boeing’s target market is different in that they are selling to companies rather than individuals. The target market is determined through a combination of geographic and demographic segmentation. The two target markets are commercial airline companies and the US government and its allies. These markets directly coincide with the company’s two business units: Commercial Airplanes and Defense, Space, & Security (Boeing, 2016).
For Commercial Airplanes, geographically, Boeing targets companies in regions where air transportation is prominent. These commercial airline companies are headquartered in, and work mostly in, areas that are well-developed, modern, and urban. Delta, United, and American Airlines are headquartered in Atlanta (Delta, 2016), Chicago (United, 2016), and Fort Worth (Dallas) (American Airlines, 2016). These are some of the largest cities in the United States, and even the world. They serve as a prime example as to what geographic demographic Boeing targets. A subcategory of the Boeing Commercial Airplanes business unit is its freight commercial airplanes. The same geographic demographics apply here, in that Boeing is targeting companies in well-developed, modern, and urban areas. For example, UPS and FedEx are two of the leading carrier services worldwide and are Boeing customers. The UPS headquarters is in Atlanta (UPS, 2016) and the FedEx headquarters is in Memphis (FedEx, 2016). Demographically, Boeing focuses on companies able to afford their
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