Boeing vs Airbus

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The commercial airplane manufacturing industry is dominated by two large players, Boeing and Airbus. They operate in a very competitive environment and the strategies of one strongly impact the business of the other. For almost 40 years, the Boeing 747 or Jumbo Jet, the largest airplane in the world, has enjoyed a monopoly and has brought in large profits for Boeing. Roughly 10 years ago, Airbus decided to look into to the possibility of manufacturing an even larger and more efficient plane. Your assignment is to write up a case study on Airbus ' decision to product what is now called the Airbus 380. In your study include the international competitive environment, the need (or lack of) for a super Jumbo, and the implications on the…show more content…
It also has a lower cabin noise and the effects of jetlag than the Boeing 747. At 555 passengers, the A380 's seating capacity represents a 35% increase over the 747-400 in a standard three-class configuration, along with a 50% larger cabin volume — producing more space per passenger. If, however, the plane is ordered in an all-economy-class configuration, it can hold up to 853 passengers; its maximum certified carrying capacity. Airport compatibility The A380 was designed to fit within an 80 x 80 m airport gate[33], and can land or take off on any runway that can take a Boeing 747. However, airports used by the A380 in commercial service may need infrastructure modifications. Its large wingspan can require some taxiway and apron reconfigurations, to maintain safe separation margins when two of the aircraft pass each other. Taxiway shoulders may be required to be paved to reduce the likelihood of foreign object damage caused to (or by) the outboard engines, which overhang more than 25 m (80 ft) from the centre line of the aircraft. Any taxiway or runway bridge must be capable of supporting the A380 's maximum weight. The terminal gate must be sized such that the A380 's wings do not block adjacent gates, and may also provide multiple jetway bridges for simultaneous boarding on both decks. Service vehicles with lifts capable of reaching the upper deck must be obtained, as well as tractors capable of

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