Boeings Organizational Structure

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Boeing 2 Abstract In this paper the company Boeing will be evaluated with using the organizing function of management. The paper will show how the organizing function relates to the physical assets, monetary, human resources, knowledge, and technology. It will also be shown how Boeing uses these resources for effectiveness and efficiency. Boeing 3 Boeing In the functions of management there are four functions. One of the functions is organizing. This is a little different from the other functions because things start to move in motion. The manager typically starts to delegate and assign job tasks to the team. Sometimes a manual document is created so everyone is on the same page. This function is important…show more content…
A good company takes a look back at their previous work to analyze what went well for them and what did not. A leader at Boeing examines reports, documents, and financial data to decide how to move forward with the next project. Then the leader delegates and shares their expectations with the staff members. Sometimes a manual document is created so everyone is on the same page. The goals and deadlines are set in this phase of management so everyone has a clear understanding of what is being asked of them. This function is important for managers because they have given jobs to specific people because they trust them to complete them correctly and on time. While it may appear easy to mimic the organizational structure of Boeing, it may not be so. They have taken years to perfect their production design and personalized it to fit their staff and developing needs. Each step they take in the completion of a new project is the same as before, with just new ideas implemented in between. Since there are situations that require changes the leader within the project must be able to adapt quickly and efficiently for the company so they do not lose any money from the change. Simple research and training for the leader helps keep them open to any ideas that may occur more evaluation. In conclusion, Boeing has utilized all the organizational resources mentioned to the best of their ability. With changes at hand, Boeing has had to
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