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What defines the Bohemian design?
The Bohemian design is defined by variety. No matter if you like a calm and peaceful living room, or a bright Moroccan themed one, you have many options and this certain style allows you to make creative choices when it comes to furniture, colors and decorations. It sets off a tone that gives anyone who enters your living room the impression that he/she is in an Eastern country, or it gives a vintage vibe, depending on your specific choices.
Starting with the walls, there is a wide range of colors that you can use, giving you options about what to do with the rest of the room. The walls can be of a simple white, or of any playful color. Making them purple, orange, or even teal gives it a more personalized look, closer to a chaos that has its own beautiful order. If you go with colored walls, to spice things up, choose different colors for the decorative pillows, put some pictures on the walls and put a different colored rug to really give personality to the whole place.

Setting up a living room in a Bohemian design allows the person to be diverse. Let us start with everything you ever bought from a fair, when you went visiting somewhere, or even the little hand-made things your grandmother
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So fill the room with as many different colored items as you can to give it personality. For a living room with teal colored walls, you can mix with orange, yellow and red pillows, and some very colorful painting also, to make the perfect artistic room you desire. On the floor, also put some rugs with rustic but colored patterns, for the room to be more cheerful. If you want to set a peaceful tone, then make the walls white or cream-colored, and play with colors of the furniture, the covers and even the books in your shelves. For example, if you have white walls, you can go with a mix of red, pink, and even blue for the rest of the
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