Bohemian Revolution

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Throughout history, the creation of every nation-state has an intertwined and connected path with the actions and coordinated movements of the intellectuals within the state. Intellectuals today, play a pivotal role in any attempted development of a new nation-state, such as Kosrat Rasul Ali the vice president of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq declaring fifteen reasons for why the Kurdish Region should be an independent nation-state. Or in Catalonia, many famous scholars and politicians are pressing for their own independence from Spain. Literacy rates, ability to write and overall education levels is higher than ever in the world, and intellectuals still lead the charge for construction of nation-states because even today, the intellectuals…show more content…
But without a figurehead, or voice for the people, only a finite amount of change is possible. A distinct example for the need of intellectual leadership is displayed by the difference between the German, and Bohemian reformations. Jan Hus led the Bohemian reformation which is without question the precursor to the Protestant reformation led by Martin Luther about one hundred years later. The Bohemian reformation was the first schism to the Roman Catholic Church, but the Protestant reformation was the most impactful, with much more violence, widespread effect and radical changes. A foremost reason, is that the frustrations of the people had another one hundred to brine and boil, but a distinct difference is Martin Luther’s “Ninety-five Theses” to challenge the ways of the Roman Catholic Church. This gave the common people a clear-cut tool to visualize and conceptualize their frustrations and quarrels with the lavish lifestyles of Priests among other issues. Not to say Jan Hus was not an extremely impactful leader, but Martin Luther writing the issues along with the invention of the printing press allowed for the common people to have a voice and gave the movement a figurehead and
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