Boiling Point, Density, Mass, And Volume

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Introduction/Purpose To determine whether boiling point, density, mass, and volume are intensive or extensive properties two experiments will be conducted. One experiment will be dedicated to identify if boiling point is an intensive or extensive property by boiling water at different quantities. The other experiment will identify if density and mass are intensive or extensive properties by utilizing a grape. The experiment will consist of measuring the mass and volume of a grape to determine the density. Both of these experiments will aid to classify boiling point, density, mass, and volume as either intensive or extensive properties, for the reason that the properties will either remain identical or will alter due to the quantity of the …show more content…
For instance, boiling point is a temperature in which vapor pressure (pressure of gas in equilibrium) is equivalent to the external pressure of a liquid (Senese). In addition, density is what determines if something sinks or floats in water; it is the amount of mass per unit volume, essentially the greater the surface area an object occupies the less dense it is and vice versa (Kross). The equation to calculate density is D=m/v the interpretation of this is density equals mass divided by volume. Mass can be defined as the number of atoms in an object along with the density of the atoms (Carr). Whereas volume is how much space an object takes up.

Hypothesis and Variables
If boiling point and density are intensive properties then the quantity will be irrelevant because the boiling point of water and the density of the grape will not be altered. If mass and volume are extensive property then the size of the grape will affect the mass and the volume because they are dependent on the size of the grape.
Independent variable: The amount of water used (100 mL and 50 mL) and the size of the grape (whole and half).
Dependent variables: The temperature of when the water begins to boil and the volume and mass of grape.
Control variable: The intensity of the hot plate (dial 8) and the amount of water used to measure the volume of the grape (25 mL).


• Goggles
• Apron
• 2 Beakers
• Thermometer
• Hot Plate
• 100 mL Graduated
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