Boiling River In The Amazon

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The Boiling River is a river in the Amazon. The river is fault-fed and that is why it boils. Fault-fed means the water sinks down deep and heats up while its deep, then it shoots back up through the cracks in the Earth's surface. There is no other river in the world like this. A huge threat to the Boiling River is deforestation. In 2011 it took 2 hours by car, nearly 30 minutes in a motorized canoe and an hour or more of hiking to get to the Boiling River. Now it will only take a 3 hour drive, which shows how quickly deforestation is advancing. Geoscientists main focus right now is to protect the river from deforestation. The Boiling River is different from any other river that boils because it is nowhere near a volcano. Its closest volcano
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