Boko Haram : A Deadly Mission

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Humans feel uncomfortable when they see people who are different; people with different races, cultures, religions, and personalities. There may be specific reasons for their dislike; whether a group of people are supposedly the cause for economic crisis, or they are associated with terrorists. People learn to accept differences and work together, but in extreme cases where the tensions are high things may get out of control. A current group who is on track for genocide, Boko Haram, looks to put a “ban on all things Western” ("The Deadly Mission Of Boko Haram."). This is a terror group that will stop at nothing to get what it covets. Boko Haram operates in Nigeria, which is the most populated country in Africa. According to the article,…show more content…
This group took on the name Boko Haram; “Boko” means “Western Civilization” and “Haram” means “is sinful”. These teaching came at a beneficial timing for the group because there had been much doubt in the government due to the immense poverty. As a result he was able to lure in many vulnerable, religiously-inclined youths to embrace his new ideas. (Salaam). CNN reports that the man who ruled under Yusuf was a man named Abubakar Shekau. Little is known about Shekau, who operates behind the shadows, and only appears periodically in his videos. Shekau was born in Shekau village which borders Niger, and he went to Borno State College of Legal and Islamic Studies for higher studies on Islam. He speaks in many tongues which include Hausa, Fulani, Kanuri, and Arabic. His age is unclear, ranging from 38 to 49. Analysts describe Shekau as a loner and a master of disguise; he doesn 't speak directly with members, but only through a few select confidants. He also has many aliases, which makes him even harder to track. When Yusuf was in power, he had a hard time keeping Shekau in check because Shekau was more radical and had grander designs. When Yusuf was killed along with 700 radicals in a security crackdown in 2009, it led Shekau to be put in charge. Shekau vowed he would strike revenge and has been ruthless ever since by killing all kinds of people. Shekau used a similar process that Yusuf used to recruit new militants for his group. He targeted
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