Boko Haram And The Nigerian Government Of Kidnapping Essay

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For years, Shekau had been very vocal in accusing the Nigerian government of kidnapping and abducting the wives and children of Boko Haram’s members. This angered Shekau, as he saw the feud to be between Boko Haram and Nigeria to be strictly between themselves. He viewed the abduction of their wives and children as an even more personal attack on his groups and swore to get revenge for “the rape and deaths of our families.” Even though Boko Haram threatened to kidnap many of the Nigerian government’s families, they did not make good on their threats until February of 2013. On the 19th of February, 2013, a small group of Boko Haram soldiers kidnapped seven French citizens in Borneo, and moved them back into Nigeria. The subsequent ransom demand was for $2 million dollars. This began to set the stage for the primary form of terror used by Boko Haram. However, many of Boko Haram’s fighters were in Mali, fighting alongside AQIM against the French incursion into Mali’s civil war. It wasn’t until early 2014 that Boko Haram became world famous. During the night of 14-15 April, 2014, Boko Haram militants infiltrated a boarding school for young girls in Chibok, Nigeria. This resulted in the kidnapping of 219 school-aged girls, and a yearlong attempt to recover them. Eventually, the girls were released, however, many had been taken to other African countries and sold as sex slaves, or forced to convert to Islam and marry soldiers of Boko Haram. While kidnapping is still a

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