Boko Haram Is The Most Powerful Group

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Similar to the past few years, the atrocious kidnapping of 276 on the 14th of April, of boarding school girls from the village of Chibok in the north-eastern part of Nigeria falls into an arrangement of shocking terror unbridled by Boko Haram. Nigeria has always been at the heart of security threatening challenges, but Boko Haram is the most powerful group as of yet. Boko Haram has claimed responsibility for many bombings and other terrorist activities north and central Nigeria, thus placing Nigeria on the verge of dissolution. Till date, terror caused by Boko Hara has resulted in an estimate of about 10,000 deaths. Boko Haram, officially called Jama’tu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’Awati Wal-Jihad, is a Sunni extremist terrorist group based in northeast Nigeria and active in Chad, Niger and Cameroon. Purpose of Boko Haram is to get rid of the current political regime in Nigeria, which the group believes is run by corrupt Muslims. They group wishes to “establish a fundamentalist interpretation of Sharia (Islamic law) across all of Nigeria (Start).” Furthermore, the group wishes to rid Nigeria of any western education and institutions, specifically schools for girls. Seven to ten thousand members of Boko Haram are led by Abubakr Shekau. Initially, the group had links to Al-Qaeda, but pledged allegiance in March 2015. Since the end of the British rule, politicians and Islamic ulama have expressed their disapproval with western education. Since then, political and ethno-religious groups…

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