Bolatito A. Lanre-Abbas, (2013) "Feminism In The Postmodernist

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Bolatito A. Lanre-Abbas, (2013) "Feminism in the Postmodernist Age." The Journal of Social, Political, and Economic Studies 28 (3): 355-368, Proquest, Accessed Dec. 27, 2016. Lanre-Abbas Bolatito sees how postmodern feminism and feminism are converging and she looks at how postmodernism is showing up. She explains the Enlightenment era as a time when reason lead to knowledge and this knowledge would lead to technological advances. Postmodernism was used as a critique of the Enlightenment, saying that because the enlightenment era reduces everything down it losses the complexity of things. It makes them lesser. The Enlightenment became universal reason and this is what postmodernism reject. Postmodernist believe we should be focusing on…show more content…
Rina Arya Wrote “Black Feminism in the Academy” in this article she states that she is an Asian that identifies as an African. In this article she spends a lot of time defining second and third wave feminism. Second wave being more focused on the white, middle class women’s issues. It saw gender in isolation and didn’t have a universalized view. Whereas third wave feminism was seen as more inclusive, more global, there was the plurality of identity, and it recognized that women of color have different experiences than white women, leading to different needs. Arya saw Postmodernist feminism as a way to get away from the polarities of the term feminism. She then focused on black feminism, exposing the realities that black feminists are marginalized in the academic society. She explained that often times black feminists writings were not seen a true literary work, because it was written from personal experiences. Black feminist also had to face split loyalties, which is basically the idea that a person has more than one identifier, take being black and being a women for example, but one of their identities takes the forefront sometimes, and the other one at other times. Black feminists aren’t viewed as all of their identities at once they are broken down into sections. Arya is an art history professor and saw that her students were struggling to grasp some of the concepts of the feminist movement, and she found that it was

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