Bolivarianism Essay

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The Foundation (CEPS) in its analysis, trying to explain political leftist tendencies of the 21st century in Latin America, especially in Venezuela. They concluded that the neo-liberal policies and the Washington Consensus had a particularly negative impact on the social sphere, which was wrangly implemented and probably caused increased social tensions and violence. Then they warn to be alert of Bolivarian Alternative in Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela. These countries are characterized as insufficiently ambitious in its internal politics and ideological suffer from insecurity heads of state or their ambivalence. Bolivarianism the mainstream of political theory based on the life and work of Simon Bolivar. Bolivarianism became over the years a matter of worship with support of the Bolivarian countries (Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama and Venezuela). A strong link is given to Simon Bolivar and his concept of unity of the Latin American area. Venezuela spearheads the ALBA alliance, which is an example of the Latin American left "convergence" in South America. Hugo…show more content…
Venezueal sees Bolivia as its suburbs of economic policy based on the energy riches of these two republics (Venezuela - oil / Bolivia - Natural gas). Venezuela conceives its geopolitical space a rather broad and ambitious as it primarily relies on its oil wealth. Energy nationalism its potential considerably damaged. In this respect, compete with Brazil and recently with Colombia about an oil influence in the Latin American area. The driving venezuelan force has two positive and one negative aspects. These positive factors is its integrative dynamics and ability to fill national budget of petrodollars. The State is aware that the main raw materials are the most valuable natural resources - oil, natural gas, iron ore, gold, bauxite, coal and other minerals. Its negative component directed to the ideological
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