Bollywood Is The Biggest Film Industry In India, But Is

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Bollywood is the biggest film industry in India, but is not the only film industry in India. Bollywood was born at the same time as Indian cinema itself. By the 1930s, Bollywood had already built several studios which, 10 years later, had produced approximately two-thirds of Bollywood’s 150–200 annual films. The name Bollywood comes from the American from Hollywood, the B is there for Bombay (now know as Mumbai). A typical Bollywood movie lasts for two-and-a-half hours, it has slowly unrolling storylines of epic proportions, usually incorporating the break-ups and make-ups. Film directors like to use six to eight songs and complex choreography, in which the leading characters themselves participate, to underly the story’s emotional high…show more content…
Kissing in public is forbidden in Hindu culture, and actors and actresses will not kiss in Bollywood movies. Instead of showing, producers use a more telling method. Since things like kissing are not allowed to be shown most Bollywood movies are classified by the Indian Censor Board as appropriate for all age groups. Similar to the North American style, Bollywood does include common stereotypes (for example, terrorism and extremism). Some movies successfully try to get rid of these common stereotypes, others make a commendable attempt to encourage multicultural unity and peace. But nevertheless, the ideology continues. The Bollywood industry has grown in the US market. It is particularly popular in large cities such as Chicago and New York. Across America, Bollywood is being watched just as much as Hollywood and Western movies are. Today, Bollywood movies have become mainstream in the US. Americans perceive the ‘Bollywood effect’ as a virtual form of tourism in which the public can feel the Indian culture through movies like Slumdog Millionaire. Having won eight Academy Awards and making more than $100 million in revenue, Slumdog Millionaire is being considered the cultural gap bridge between key elements of

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