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Bollywood movies are very popular for the “Romance” portrayed in their plot. Romance in Bollywood has evolved throughout the ages. But the one thing, that has remained constant are the unofficial and official ban on any depiction that may suggest something which is not a part of the “Indian” culture. Westernization was always shown as something negative and alien. Let’s have a closer look at how Hindi cinema deals with this censorship code that has been set up. Bollywood adopted a new way to recreate the same passion that usually a ‘kiss’ would generate; they substitute these by song and dance routines. Songs are basically a description of the passionate seen with no suggestive visual imagery to aid it. It’s left to the audiences’…show more content…
For example in Shree 420(1950), Maya the female antagonist is shown as rich, westernized women, with no moral values. She is shown to wear explicitly revealing clothes and have short hair. She drinks alcohol and also smokes. Flirting with men and dancing while inappropriately clad around them, are also the other negative qualities she embodies. However, Vidya is the female protagonist who is completely the opposite, she’s traditional and educated. Responsibilities that she holds are looking after her disabled father and running a school. Her hair is long and she is always traditionally dressed in saris. The contrasting visual imagery of Vidya and Maya lets the audience make a judgment of who portrays the negative character quite clearly. Do not fail to notice that this outward depiction of good and bad is only in terms of the women. Raj the male lead of the movie Shree 420, goes through a phase of corruption and greed, however, he is ultimately forgiven and given the benefit of the doubt. This leads me to my next point about how ‘Women” are sacrificed in movies just to pass out a social message. The message clearly states that any act which is not “culturally accepted” will have bad consequences. In the movie Kati Patang, you are taken through the story of Madhavi, who runs away to be with her lover on the day of her wedding. From that very moment, she encounters a series of unfortunate events. A secondary character from
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