Essay on Bolster Electronics: Dealing with Dealer Demands

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From: Mr Rob Jackson, General Sales Manager
Date: 28 May, 2011
Subject: Response to Vickers Industrial Supplies request for distributorship
With reference to the Vickers Industrial Supplies request for a distributorship and associated pricing discount, I have prepared a decision report to assist you in taking a decision. The report contains the analysis of the situation, the options available, my recommendation and an action plan. The recommendation has been arrived at by evaluating the options based on criteria which are aligned with the company’s objectives.
Please find attached the report.
Enclosure: Report

Vickers Industrial Supplies has requested for a distributorship and a pricing discount as it
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This has resulted in northern Alberta being Bolster’s highest market share region. It is also a very unique dealer of Bolster as it directly obtains the supply from the company. It has a highly trained sales team which Bolster helped them develop. It is maintaining a stock of inventory comparable to distributor’s operations and has a sales force to sell to local dealers as well as end-users. All this has resulted in exceptional customer service and excellent customer relationship, which are the crucial determinants of sales in harsh environment electronic surveillance market.
The market in the oil sands area of Fort McMurray is developing fast and it is imperative for Bolster to have an increasing presence there, to tap the market potential. Vickers has a sales experience of 20 years in the Northern Alberta region which is essential for increasing Bolster’s market share in this region. Bolster’s national distributors Albright Industries (Albright) and National Electronic (National) are unlikely to expand in this region in the near future because the former has no presence in western Canada whereas the latter has not shown any keen interest despite repeated requests. The warehouse of National is located in southern Alberta which makes it further difficult to source their products in northern part of the province. As

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