Bolt: A Brief Story Of A Super Hero

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James is in high school and he likes school (mostly). He played basketball and soccer at his high school. James also liked rock-climbing as one of his hobbies. James had good grades and a good life. On the last day before winter break his life changed. James and his family lived in Arizona so it was warm all year but it for some reason it got colder than normal. It was 2131 and there were teams of villains that used to fight against super heroes about 60 years ago. All the villains were banished so by now they are probably dead .But he did not realize the next generation of evil had come upon his country the USA. James went rock climbing and he and he found a very shiny crystal that somehow was orange. He found out that the Crystal had a big lightning bolt on it.…show more content…
James (Now known as Bolt) ran back to his house but, somehow, he ran as fast as an IndyCar. So, then the villains raided his town. Then he used his new powers to help. So, then the villains raided his town but then he used his new powers to help. He could run incredibly fast and he could fly. Bolt` could also run on water. So, the evil villain team raided his town. Bolt (James) did not know what to do. So back at his house he had thoughts racing in his house. Bolt finally realized what he had to do. He then called his friend a mechanic to help him. They then made a war machine to help defeat the villains. Bolt used his powers and his friend was in the machine. Then they uniolated the villains and saved the
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