Bombing Modernism: Graffiti

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Elaborating on this week’s readings, Bombing Modernism: Graffiti and its Relationships to the (built) Environment, it is understood that the relationship between the built environment and graffiti has been a part of urban planning in development of the design of urban cities. Graffiti artist and art in general has long been factors for contributing to the gentrification of city neighborhoods and the displacement of lower income residents. Gentrification is the process of improving or renovating deteriorated urban areas so that they confirm to the middle class. With the increase of development in central cities around the globe, the interaction of art within neighborhoods has become a big topic in this process. It seems as though the developers are following the artist; case in point Miami’s Wynwood community, over a short period of time Wynwood has transformed from the city’s oldest Puerto Rican community to an art haven, with many new art galleries, studios, clubs and restaurants.

Currently the neighborhood of Wynwood is being heavily targeted by major investors and foreign developers. The changes that are being made to area are bound to have a significant impact on the people
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This documentary aims to capture the various aspects of the developing area that are visible from its urban landscape, it also looks deeper into how the changes have affected, the residents who didn't ask for their neighborhood to be turned upside down., the artists who may love the area or may see the area as too commercialized to be a true art district, the businesses that are now thriving in the new tourist economy as well as businesses that were pushed out in order to make room for new "trendy" businesses and Investors with primary motives to make money from the art district, however, they took a huge monetary risk investing in an area that was not guaranteed to be a
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