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Table of Contents Executive Summary x Company Description x Strategic Focus and Plan x Mission/Vision x Goals x Core competency and Sustainable Competitive Advantage x Situation Analysis x SWOT Analysis x Industry Analysis x Competitor Analysis x Company Analysis x Customer Analysis x Market-Product Focus x Marketing and Product Objectives x Target Markets x Points of Difference x Positioning x Marketing Program x Product Strategy x Price Strategy x Promotion Strategy x Place (Distribution) Strategy x Financial Data and Projections x Past Sales Revenue x Five-Year Projections x Organization x Implementation x Evaluation and Control x Appendix x References x Executive Summary The following…show more content…
Bonbon Mania's packages and gift baskets of sweets are designed to meet a variety of different occasions; they can even customize gift packages by putting their corporate clients' name and company logo on it. Bonbon Mania also designs creations of candy for fundraising. They offer a service to create a transport box filled with candy for the purpose of fundraising. The fundraisers are allowed to select a variety of four different candies or chocolate to put into the box. Additionally, Bonbon Mania also offers a service that consists of installing mini kiosks to sell sweets at any event or fundraiser. Finally, Bonbon Mania also offers a service to customize gift sets for birthdays and all holidays. Strategic Focus and Plan After a thorough interview with Bonbon Mania’s owner, Chantale Rouleau, it was simple to identify that Bonbon Mania is known to focus on a differentiation strategy; their customers are not price sensitive, the market is competitive and saturated. Bonbon Mania's customers like to have a wide variety in the flavors and colors of sweets and candy and value high quality products and services. Knowing this information can be a great advantage and opportunity for Bonbon Mania to differentiate itself. Mission/Vision Bonbon Mania's mission is to be specialized in the field of confectionery in offering a wide range of quality products and personalized services. Bonbon Mania's vision is to

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