Bonds Between Mothers and Daughters in Amy Tan’s Joy Luck Club

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Bonds Between Mothers and Daughters in Amy Tan’s Joy Luck Club A good mother-daughter relationship is beneficial for both the mother and the daughter. This definitely comes into play in Amy Tan’s novel titled “The Joy Luck Club.” The story is about four sets of Chinese mothers and daughters, and their first experience of growing in America. All of the mothers want to raise their children in the traditional Chinese way and still allow them to be all that they can be in America. This causes many conflicts between them when the daughters act too American and the mothers act too Chinese. There are also problems when some of the daughters grow and get married to American Men. The mothers influence the daughters with stories of ancestors…show more content…
Suyuan and her daughter had a special bond. She would tell her daughter stories about her twins, but Jing-Mei never knew if it was real or not. “I never thought my mother’s Kweilin story was anything but a Chinese fairy tale. The ending always changed,” Jing-Mei would say. (Pg. 25) We learn about Suyuan through her daughter and the other ladies from Joy Luck Club because she has already died when the novel takes place. In life, Suyuan felt that her daughter didn’t know much about her, and Jing-Mei wanted to know her but didn’t know how to. Jing-Mei says, “A friend once told me that my mother and I were alike, that we had the same wispy gestures, the same girlish laugh and sideways look.” In response her mother says, “You don’t even know little percent of me! How can you be me?” (pg.27) Ironically enough, they do turn out to have the same characteristics. Both are strong willed women. Suyuan used to use Jing-Mei to try to show off to her friends. She got her into piano lessons to show what a genius she is. It ends up that Jing-Mei fails at piano and her mother is let down. Yet she still responds with an explanation that Jing-Mei is a late-bloomer, and compares her to Einstein. As long as she tries to be as much as she can be her mother is proud, but Jing-Mei doesn’t see this, she thinks that her mother wants her to be a genius. One chapter titled “Best Quality,” is about a Chinese New Year dinner party. Suyuan is serving crabs and goes to buy
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