Bone Graft Research Paper

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Bone grafts substitutes:

A bone graft substitutes is a biocompatible material that used to promote a bone defects healing by providing a biologic response to the local site [45]. In orthopedic surgery, exposure to a severe injury commonly requires surgical intervention to compensate and repair the defected site. Bone grafts often need to replace the lost part principally in critical bone size defect, with which the reconstructive process will be enhanced by supporting the tissue growth. Replacement techniques are varied based on using a conventional graft, advanced synthetic materials or a combination of both.

- Autografts:

The autograft is the process of transforming a bone marrow, cancellous or cortical bone, or vascularized grafts, where the graft is harvested and implanted within the same individual [45]. Autograft is known as an osteogenic material, for instance trabecular bone graft is a superior choice in bone restoration because of the high quantity of precursor cells [46]. The graft can be taken from a non-affected
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The main benefit of allograft is to reduce the host site morbidity [49]. Allograft comes in many forms such as demineralized bone matrix, morselized, cancellous and cortical bone depend on the host demand [50]. The osteogenic attribution is isolated in the allograft, while the osteoconductive response is still likely to the autografts. Moreover, the absence of growth factors the osteoinductivity may revoke, due to devitalization process via irradiation, deep-freezing, or freeze-drying [49, 50]. Even though, the availability in large quantities for supporting significant defect and evasion the patient from a second operation, there is still a concern about cost and the risk that associated with disease transmission or immune rejection
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