Bone Loss Lab Report

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The point of this experiment was to study how the concentration of hydrogen affects the bone density, and thus the structural integrity and strength of bone. Using different pH, shows the increasing or decreasing change in bone strength, as well as using the modulus of elasticity as the dependent variable, it could be tested how much pressure can be applied before the bone breaks. The chicken bones that were placed in the container containing water with a pH of 7 were the experimental control because a pH of 7 is considered neutral. Yet it was made sure all other variables, that could be, were controlled such as ensuring consistency in the containers, the origin of the water, temperature, environmental factors throughout all groups. This…show more content…
For example, there could have been sources of systematic errors, which affect the accuracy of a measurement. These include improper measurements and faulty calibration of instruments used. These systematic errors could have been made while weighing the chicken bones or while measuring the length and diameters of the bones. Faulty calibration of the instruments that were used is a possible error that could have occurred during the procedure. However, due to the digital nature of the instruments used, it cannot be absolutely ensured, the accuracy of the readout. Aside from systematic errors, there were random errors that could have also potentially occurred, which affect the precision of a measurement. Random errors include problems reading a quantity that lies between the graduation of an instrument and the inability to read an instrument due to a fluctuating reading. The digital pH analyzer gave a fluctuating measurement, resulting in a possible source of random error in the experiment. Also, when measuring the chicken bones, there may have been some additional weight to do the excess water. Away from errors, there were also hazards which could have caused adverse health effects. Working with poultry or any type of raw organic substance could lead to the spread of pathogens. Additionally, working with corrosive chemicals can lead to possible hazards. It is important to use PPE when working with
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