Bone Marrow Aspiration And Trephine Procedures

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Bone marrow aspiration and trephine procedures are performed to confirm diagnosis of a particular haematological disorder and have been an important procedure since the late 1920’s (Bain, Clarke & Wilkins, 2010). The scenario witnessed by the writer while on placement in a hospital setting was a bone marrow aspiration. Permission was sought from the patient having the procedure to discuss her in this essay. A pseudonym will be used and the patients name will be replaced with Margaret. Margaret was a 60 year old woman who had Myelodysplastic syndrome which resulted in a low platelet count (National Cancer Institute, 2014). Margaret had been admitted to the ward post a fall, she presented with excessive bruising on her left side and lower extremities. A decision was made by the multidisciplinary team for Margaret to undergo a bone marrow aspiration, providing information on the health of the bone marrow and the capability of blood cell production (Medline Plus, 2014). This procedure involves a needle been inserted into the bone and a biopsy of the bone marrow is taken (National Cancer Institute, 2014). The CNS played a number of roles through-out this procedure. Not only did she assist the doctor with the procedure she supported Margaret and used physical and emotional support to comfort her. The CNS worked in a professional manner and had her patient’s best interests at heart at all times. Margaret found this procedure very daunting and the CNS was able to incorporate her

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