Bongo Java Roasting Co. Essay

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Bongo Java Roasting Co., located in Nashville 's historic Five Points area, is quickly becoming a hipster haven. On any given day of the week you can spot musicians and artists hanging out in their natural habitat, sipping lattes and cappuccinos, talking business. The staff is just as creative and stylish as the shop 's patrons, with tattoos, funky haircuts, and infectious personality. At Bongo Java Roasting Co. not only can you enjoy some of the best drip coffee and espresso drinks in town, you can actually watch the roasting process as it is happening. Bongo Java Roasting Co. specializes in 100% organic and 100% fair-trade coffee. This means that they use only the highest quality, hand-picked beans from around the world, but also pay the farmers a respectable, livable wage. Unfortunately, this is not common practice in the coffee industry. This is what makes Bongo Java so unique. The company started seventeen years ago as a small coffee shop with only one location. Since then Bongo Java has become a Nashville staple with three busy locations, as well as a progressive business model in the specialty coffee industry. The a seemingly endless variety of coffee is roasted five days a week. The roasters at Bongo take a hands-on approach to ensuring that their coffee is the best in Nashville. They man a large roaster that cranks out about forty pounds per batch, which is microscopic compared to most corporate coffee roasters. But the expertise of the employees and attention to

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