Bonilla-Silv Film Analysis

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Bonilla-Silva’s article explains the concept of Whiteness and its dominating effects on the media. He notes various TV shows and movies that features Whites in main roles while people of colour are generally cast in stereotypical roles. I will primarily refer to his concept of Whiteness and apply it to a TV show. Specifically, I will compare his analysis of various movies and TV shows to Fresh Off the Boat.

Park, Ji H., Gabbadon, Nadine G., & Chernin, Ariel R. "Naturalizing Racial Differences Through Comedy: Asian, Black, and White Views on Racial Stereotypes in Rush Hour 2." Journal of Communication 56.1 (2006): 157-177. Print. 5 Feb. 2016.
This paper discusses the racial stereotypes in the movie Rush Hour 2 which centres around a Black detective and his Chinese friend.
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Fox. 4 Feb. 2015.
The TV show will be my primary source and the research site that I will be investigating. I will be examining the first episode of the television series. This episode initially introduces the family members and follows their attempt to settle into their White neighbourhood. I will focus on the narration, dialogue, and any stereotypical associations.

Pyke, Karen, & Dang, Tran. “ ‘FOB’ and ‘Whitewashed’: Identity and Internalized Racism Among Second Generation Asian Americans.” Qualitative Sociology 26.2 (2003): 147-172. Print. 8 Feb. 2016
In this essay, the derogatory term “FOB” and “Whitewashed” is examined. The results concluded that people to generally regard people that are “FOB” as a negative connotation whereas “Whitewashed” had mixed reactions. It explains the idea of a bicultural middle where people tended to gravitate towards. I will analyze the character’s perception of these terms, especially towards the children where these terms may be relevant.

Taylor, Charles R, & Stern, Barbara B. “Asian-Americans: Television Advertising and the ‘Model Minority’ Stereotype.” Journal of Advertising 26.2 (1997): 47-61. Print. 8 Feb.
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