Bonk: The Curious Coupling Of Science And Sex By Mary Roach

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Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex is author Mary Roach’s devilishly entertaining analysis of the history and study of sexual physiology. Throughout the book, Roach manages to simultaneously debunk and dismiss the stigma of sex research, effectively and approachably explain the field, and point out areas that have yet to be studied thoroughly. She describes the early pioneers of sex research as well as some of the oddities of their methods, historical beliefs and practices, and also discusses some of the more recent physiological discoveries in the field. She effectively balances her focus between the human aspect of discovery and the actual knowledge itself. Through recollections of her personal investigations, one can easily deduce that Mary Roach is dedicated to her research. Trips ranging from laboratories and…show more content…
She discusses early sex researchers like Kinsey, Masters and Johnson, and Roy Levin. Not far unlike researchers of today, many factors rendered their projects difficult to carry out. In the early years of sex research, people believed that scientists interested in studying sex had a perverted obsession with it, and therefore finding funds proved to be difficult. In addition, procuring subjects was not an easy task. The general perception of sex was repressing their ability to progress. Even modern day sex researchers and scientists are denoted as perverts. For example, Mary Roach mentions Cindy Meston, who if asked what she does for a living, will give a vague answer not including the actual word “sex” (Roach, p. 13). Today, studies will only be funded if their conclusions will result in some sort of benefit for consumers. Typically, they won’t be carried out just for mere understanding. Corporate investors want to make a profit, and that area of expertise lies in pharmaceuticals and sex
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