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Bonnie the Procrastinator The Daughter & The Hair Once upon a time there lived a shy little girl named Bonnie living in the fine city of Chicago. One summer evening, while Bonnie was singing to the birds and procrastinating, her alcoholic father came home with someone who looked very familiar. It was not unusual of him to come home with a mistress, but Bonnie found this quite surprising. It was her aunt, Whitney Houston, the sister of her beloved mother. While Bonnie was face-timing her mother she asked her "Mom....Did you know that aunty is dating daddy?" Her mother instantly began to weep, and as her tears glistened on Bonnie’s I-pad, Bonnie began to feel a fire ignite in her heart. She decided to do it, she had to kill her father. She…show more content…
Turns out, her love for Senior Le was legit. Whitney confronted Bonnie one day, with a knife in hand. As she approached Bonnie with the weapon, she began to smile, showing Bonnie her false intentions. When they got close. Whitney made her move, and swung at her target, but something blinded her sight; it was a shining glimmer, a reflection of the bright lights of Chicago’s buildings. Dylan Houn stood there, panting frantically with his hands on his knees, his newfound shining bald head saving Bonnie from the deadly strike. Bonnie left Whitney no room to breathe as she used her Tae Kwon Do experience to give Whitney a roundhouse kick to the face. Whitney proceeded to fly 90,000,000 miles into the air shouting "We 're blasting off again!!!" Bonnie returned home, opened up a nice book, and face-timed her mother with a great big smile on her face. A smile that could light up Dylan’s Head. The Daughter & The Hair; Trilogy Bonnie was sitting in her living room chair, skyping with her friends. For some reason her friend that was also conveniently named Whitney, wanted her friends to write her a fictional story. And as Bonnie was writing a story for her dear friend, the police rushed into the house and cuffed Bonnie. As they drove her to the police station, Bonnie already started scheming her escape. She called Dylan with her one phone call, and the plan had begun. While she was behind the cold iron bars, she heard a commotion outside the station. She smiled
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