Bonnie and Clyde Film

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Genre categorization is important because it helps to organize and classify movies. People make a lot of decisions based on the genre of the film; this is one of the main ways in which audiences select what movie to see. Most genres follow the same theme, story formula, setting, and story formula. If every genre followed the same set of rules one would think that after awhile these movies would become predictable and therefore lose its spark. There is also the notion that people and society change and evolve, making certain genres irrelevant and not relatable to the overall movie lover population. So how do film makers who are known and generally stick to a certain genre, keep audiences from losing interest? They simply evolve with society by changing the rules of a certain genre and one way to do this is genre breaking. Genre breaking can be defined as a film that is classified as a certain genre but breaks the genre tradition, by keeping the traditional theme of the genre but changing the setting, presentation, and story formula. By doing this, the film still follows the essential idea of the genre’s traditional theme, but the way it goes about doing it is totally different and can usually be seen as a parody. The best example of genre breaking would be the film Bonnie and Clyde made in the 1967 by Arthur Penn. Bonnie and Clyde is seen as a gangster film, and follows the overall theme of a gangster film. The theme of a gangster film is the American Dream, which tries to
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