Bon's Monologue

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As you gaze upon the starry night, you recall what you once called home. The South was your home until your father drove you out. Although the streets molded you into who you are, your subconscious refuses to modernize. As you dwell upon these thoughts, Bono shakes you into reality. He hands you a can of beer and tunes the radio to the World Series. “It is Friday night, payday, and the one night of the week … [you] engage in a ritual of talk and drink.” (1)
Bono says to you, “What’s wrong? Lately, you’ve not been yourself. You keep lashing out at Corey and hanging out with that Alberta gal.”
You respond by saying, “Aw, man, look here … I’m worried for this family. All this is not mine. The roof above their heads and the food in the stomach didn’t come from my wallet. Hell, I couldn’t have even kept them off the streets, if it weren’t for Gabe. And now Corey wants to go play football. That’s a white man’s sport. Ain’t no way
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The KKK will not stand a chance against me. The life on the streets and in prison have made me invincible. I’ve been waiting for something to challenge my strength. And as for the driving part, you don’t need no license. You just turn the steering wheel to where you want to go.” You aren’t worried about getting the job, because you know they don’t have the time to worry about this. Just recently, it became noticeable that the US had entered a Space Race (7) with Russia. Russia launched Sputnik I (8),which stirred feeling of the US falling behind in the Cold War (9). As you switched the channels, the last 5 minutes of the 1957 World Series (10), glued you to the spectacle. This reminded you of your dream. You wanted to play for the major leagues, but got turned down because of your skin color. Hell, you were better than all the players. Your batting average was the highest of all the players. Suddenly, the Milwaukee Braves win (11) and you heap with joy as there were colored people on the
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