Book Analysis: A Long Way Gone

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Kathleen Gibbons Summer reading English 12 A Long Way Gone To whom it may concern, As a mother of a high school student, I feel as though it is a brilliant idea to let Mr. Ishmael Beah speak to the students. The fellow peers of your school need to value how lucky they are to be in such a sheltered atmosphere. Sensing the indisputable emotions of Mr. Beah telling his story of being a boy soldier is a lesson that should not be passed up. Understanding how atrocious it must have been to fight in a war solely based on supremacy and riches would help these teenagers understand what strength and determination really is. Losing loved ones as an adolescent must be tough. Memories being the only shed of hope in a young boy’s life can…show more content…
Beah used his experiences to help educate others for a reason. Enlisting in the army at such a young age takes an emotional toll on one’s mentality. However, that being the only way to achieve the bare necessities, it had to be done. Our students need to understand that this does not just happen in Sierra Leone or any other third world country. This could happen here if our government becomes corrupt. Mr. Beah did not want to kill all of those people, but his “rule was to kill or be killed” (Beah 126). Realizing that killing was the only way of staying alive, Mr. Beah lost his sense of humanity and benevolence while in the war. Being in those harsh conditions subconsciously makes one go beyond what one thought was humanly possible. Others might believe that Mr. Beah is emotionally unstable because of his past. They might feel as though it is not safe for someone with a childhood like his to talk to their children. The graphic details Mr. Beah might express with the students might be a little unbearable for some. However, I maintain that our children are mature and sophisticated enough to listen and reflect on a situation like this. The compassionate humankind, which our students strive for, can eventually become a reality with inspiration like Mr.
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