Book Analysis: Catcher in the Rye

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The Catcher in the Rye: ISU Questions
Graham Eby
Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chapters 1-8:
1. Holden’s attitude towards his parents seems negative because judging by the way he describes them, they sound touchy and overbearing with very high expectations. Pencey is a private school and his parents wanted him there, which gives us the impression that they expect a lot from him, and he can’t, or chooses not to give it to them.

2. Holden is isolated at Pencey by; Pencey is an all boys school, and being a teenage boy, girls are something that make up a teenage boys life and he can’t be a part of that life, by messing up as fencing team manager and leaving all of the equipment in New York, forcing the whole team to ostracize him, and
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2. Holden loves his little sister Phoebe. He calls her really smart and a pretty girl and again, like when describing Allie, he says, “You’d like her.” He says he can take her anywhere and talk to her about anything. He goes on and on about Phoebe and keeps saying, “You’d like her.” So it is obvious that he loves her and misses her terribly. His opinion of Phoebe contrasts with the rest of the characters in the novel because she is the only one that Holden genuinely likes. The rest of the characters are “bastards” or “phonies” or “touchy as hell” or a “sunovabitch”. He usually has at least one bad thing to say about someone else, but not Phoebe.

3. Holden does not give a definitive reason as to why or what makes a person a phony, as most people he knows or encounters is in one way or another a phony. When talking about Ernie, the piano player, he says that is a phony for acting like he was humble and pretending like he cared about the audience, when really he was a big shot and he knew it. Also, when Holden bumps into his brothers old flame, he calls her a phony for saying how nice it was to see him, because he knew that she didn’t care about him, and only cared about D.B., his older brother. Then when calling up Sally, his old friend, she asks who it was on the phone, when
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